Our Team

Suzie Jones

Meet Suzie.  Just call and she’ll be happy to speak with you.

Jackie Tingey

Meet Jackie.  Warm, Caring.  Reach out to her.

Michael Burson

Meet Michael.  Kind, warm, and casual.

Sheri Moroe

Meet Sheri.  Compassionate and ready to help you.

Lisa Nguyen

Meet Lisa.  Unleashing your power to change.

Alexis Walters

Meet Alexis.  Saving marriages and couples..

John Floyd

Meet John.  Authentic and compassionate.

Nancy Vue

Meet Nancy.  Your Nurse Practitioner Intern.

Justin Johnson-Bradshaw

Meet Justin.  Your safe, non-judgmental place.

Kyley Moore

Meet Kyley.  Empowering your children.

Jim Soder

Meet Jim.  Caring and compassionate.  Available for virtual sessions only.

Kelly Duong

Meet Kelly.  Feel heard and valued in a safe place.

Elizabeth Bullard

Meet Elizabeth.  A great ear for children and youth.

Coleman Dove

Meet Coleman.  Supporting your family.

Gillian Zito

Meet Gillian.  Walking with you in your path toward healing.

Olivia McCarrick

Meet Olivia.  Empowering your teen!

Sonny Wynn

Meet Sonny.  Great Guy.

Max Hvasta

Meet Max.  Creating a safe place for you.

Connie Marques, Office Manager

Please call the office or email her at office@bluestonepsychotherapy.com

Jessica Panzica – Billing

You can reach me at billing@bluestonepsychotherapy.com