Our Team

Suzie Jones

Meet Suzie.  Just call and she’ll be happy to speak with you.

Jackie Tingey

Meet Jackie.  Warm, Caring.  Reach out to her.

Kelsie Ballentine

Meet Kelsie.  Here to help you keep your relationship on track.

Michael Burson

Meet Michael.  Kind, warm, and casual.

Sheri Moroe

Meet Sheri.  Compassionate and ready to help you.

Sarah Kmosko

Meet Sarah.  Empathetic, genuine, and accepting.

Destiney Allen

Meet Destiney.  A passionate love for helping children.

Kelly Duong

Meet Kelly.  Feel heard and valued in a safe place.

Jessica Panzica

She handles all the office billing and accounting questions. Please call the office or email her at office@bluestonepsychotherapy.com