Suzie Jones, MA, LCMHC

Suzie has extensive experience working in mental health using several different unique modalities including sand tray, expressive art, and is working on becoming a certified yoga therapist. Suzie is passionate about helping children through physical, emotional or sexual abuse. After completing her Masters Degree at Liberty University, she held an internship position at Transitional Counseling Center working with the sex offender population along with conducting groups at Riverside Hospital working with schizophrenia clients. Suzie later worked in a private practice setting working with a sex therapist with a focus on the LGBT , transgender and sex addiction population. Suzie has also worked in various roles associated with crisis intervention and volunteered at a domestic violence shelter for women and children. Suzie also spends her free time doing charity work in her local community while raising greater awareness of mental health in the Asian communities.

Suzie utilizes Motivation Interviewing (MI) along with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) and accountability to form an eclectic style suited to each individual client. After years of clinical experiences, she has come to value the innate potential each client has to gain insight and make the commitment to  life changes when ready and willing. She uses compassion and accountability to provide a genuine platform for clients to reveal themselves without fear of judgment. In her therapeutic approach, she believes that each individual is unique and each approach is customized to bring greater self-awareness, psychological healing, and inner satisfaction.

Suzie has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in treating psychosis, anxiety disorders, depression, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, and other issues one faces in the journey of life.  In addition to providing wellness counseling, she works with multiple issues requiring mild to more intensive therapy skills and complicated grief, caregiver, and mood management issues.