Olivia McCarrick, Intern in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Olivia is passionate about empowering adolescents to reach their fullest potential and to have the highest quality of life possible mentally, emotionally, and physically. She is a current student at Liberty University working on her Master’s in School Counseling while taking the clinical route towards additionally becoming a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC).

Olivia has personal experience working closely with juvenile delinquents and at-risk youths. She also has spent the past 4 years and is currently employed as a High School Psychology and Sociology teacher, working with adolescents everyday who deal with the unending challenges of their high school years. Though she has loved her time as a teacher, Olivia is working towards transitioning to become a School Counselor and a part-time Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor where she can dedicate more of her time to one-on-one counseling and group work with teenagers. She believes that therapy provides an opportunity for clients to find healing and hope as they unpack their past traumas, find current coping mechanisms in their present experiences, and create goals for their future. Olivia is able to approach sessions in a Christian context upon request.