• Never Give Up......No Matter How Difficult it Seems

  • Now or Never......Because Every Moment Matters

  • Believe in Yourself.....Aim High and Have Faith

  • Find Your Path.....Chart Your Course

  • Change is Good.....Stop Existing and Start Living

  • Spread Your Wings.....Write Your Story and Soar to New Heights

  • Find Your Freedom.....Great Things Await You

A “Bluestone” is a unique sedimentary rock that is resilient, durable, and attractive.  It is said to have emotional and spiritual healing benefits and promote and encourage learning and communication.

Here at BlueStone Psychotherapy, we believe in giving you the tools needed to reboot/recharge your life by helping you take charge and write a new story with a new beginning and a happier future.  We employ an eclectic and creative approach in treating your emotional needs while helping you stay in control while navigating the challenges of life.  Whether you find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of all the stressors of life or are experiencing anxiety, depression or relational issues, we are here for you.  We offer compassion and guidance to help get you back on the path of wellness and happiness by reclaiming your power and believing in who you are!

BlueStone will help you create a happier future.